Monday, February 13, 2012

Sorry for being slack

A lot has happened since my last post, so I will just add a short caption above each photo:

Sandy pre-autocros about to ace.  The car was suprisingly fast and I dominated all the miatas there.

New pads and rotors installed

The internets told me that the front wheel bearings fail on track, here is the front spindle with the bearings removed

Repacking the new bearings with Redline synthetic grease

The beginings of the scariest job on the car, wiring the kill switch

New cable routed from the switch to the battery 

47mm restrictor mounted on los throttle body

Kill switch all wired up and it works! Kaakaaa!

Wheels finally arrived, and they look SICK

Pile of crap that equals my weight, yes that is a transmission

 Sandy on the scales

At ride height post fender rolling

 Stickers came in

 Finished painting spots I missed on the interior of the car

Added the Magnaflow Muffler Man to ride with me and bless me with his good luck

Hood pins 90% installed