Friday, March 16, 2012


Before comp school I wanted to take the car on track as a shake down to make sure everything was good to go.  It was a perfect weekend, Sandy performed flawlessly aside from consuming about a quart of oil each day.  I signed up for the time trial group and instructed a hpde1 student to pay for my track time.  I wound up winning my class on Saturday and finishing second on Sunday.  Lucky for me Saturday was the trophy day, so I got this sweet plaque.
Oh also since last time I painted the car, I am still editing the time lapse video, but here is the initial cut.

There was a Cup car in my time trial group which was baaaaaaddd assssssss.  I cut down some of my in-car footage to segments where he passed me.  If you watch my mirrors you can see him catch me and make me look like I am parked as he rockets by.