Thursday, February 21, 2013

DiNO TiME <^>

Finally the time has come to see how healthy Sandy's new heart is.  I wish I had been able to dyno the old motor for comparison, but I do have longitudinal accelerometer data from the tracks I have run to compare old to new ass hauling capability, so.

With the super thick break in oil still in the motor, we warmed Sandy up, established a baseline and then began tuning.  We ran through a series of different ignition timing and fuel pressure settings.  All in all we did 28 pulls.  The new motor is strong.  I am stoked.  

I was hoping for mid to high teens in terms of horspower, like 117hp would be bad-ass   When we were done Sandy made 123hp / 117lb ft.  I couldn't believe it!  I can't wait to get back on track, I'm gnawing my arm off over here. Check out the video of Sandy on the rollers below.

In other news fAceMast (seen below) and I made a dollar bet on who could get their own engine running first.  I won.  This was my welcome back to work after winning, and yes his eyes are naturally that shade of red.

Taking a lesson from my failed attempts of refueling during my last endurance race, I found out that you can cut out the fuel flapper door legally.  So I did.

Post Hole-Saw-Action

Now look what fits!

 And finally probably one of the sweeter items I have been gifted, my mom got me a inflating guardian angel.  Perfect.