Monday, October 31, 2011

Cage is done Yeeehaaaww!

The cage is finished and the car made it safely to its new home.  A couple people from work have been bugging me to name the car and I couldn't think of an appropriate name untill just recently.  The car's previous owner worked in a mine and apparently frequently plowed the miata into sand and gravel piles because every time you bump the car debris will pour out of a random/new nook and cranny... So the car is officially named Sandy! Deal with it. 

Now that we have crossed that bridge on to some pictures of the cage.  I am currently finishing up the interior paint and will be reinstalling the dash in the near future.


  1. Nice looking cage. Did you get NASCAR bars on both sides? They're nice for reducing damage to the side panel.

  2. Yeah Nasty-car bars on both sides. They actually have a pretty cool slash unique shape that helps ingress/egress. I will post more pics when I stop being lazy and finish painting.