Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sandy performed beautifully this past weekend.  I entered Spec Miata and Improved Touring A.  My goal for the weekend was to get in the points by finishing one of the races 9th or better.  My overall goal for this year was to become competitive mid-pack.

I qualified 6th out of 18 cars and in my first race finished 4th.  It was awesome.  I qualified 4th in ITA out of 15 cars and finished 2nd.  I couldn't believe it.  After burning through and flatspotting the tires in my second ITA race, I bought and mounted a new set for my next SM race.  I instantly dropped a 1.5s off of my previous best lap time, completely checking out from the other mid-pack spec miatas.  Now I was hanging around the front runners, although not quite competitively.

Now I want to win.  Although the car was much quicker than in Daytona, Sandy still can't match the pace of the Pro built 99's.  I plan on continuing to develop Sandy and my driving skills so that one day I will be able to compete for a race win.  The next race I plan on attending is Daytona in August.

I have attached the opening lap from my first Spec Miata race below and the race start from my second race