Thursday, December 20, 2012

Titanic Brake Job

I had been putting off fixing the truck for a while.  Eventually the massive shaking of the steering wheel under braking got to me and I decided to replace the front rotors and pads.  Whoever changed the brakes last did a very thorough job in covering the caliper bracket bolts in locktite.  So thorough in fact it took me a almost an hour to get the first bolt out.  After freeing one bolt it became obvious I was going to need a lot more caffeine in order to finish the job before it started raining.  So I pedaled my way over to the nearest Chevron and bought a large Monster Crack-in-a-Can  and got back to work.  

Eventually I got the bracket off.  Mmmmm look at all that rusty-rust.

Yay new pads and rotors!  Its amazing how much more livable driving is when your car isn't constantly trying to kill you.

My engine is almost done, more to come soon...